Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Sorry I haven't written here in so long - so much has been happening and this blog sort of got stuck by the wayside. At the moment we are staying with Settiano's parents and family which has put an inordinate amount of strain on the BDSM aspect of our relationship. We weren't feeling sexual and I began to doubt myself as a submissive. So we decided to go on a break (hence the change in my writing here) til at least we are back at uni and at neither parents (after 6 weeks here, we'll be staying with my parents and siblings for 6 weeks).

Shortly after deciding this, something strange happened - we both started wanting sex. Obviously it's quite hard to give into it here and this week I'm on so we definitely won't be having sex :(
Anyway, last night I realised that I need dominance to turn me on really and I won't enjoy my sexuality without it. So I suggested that perhaps Settiano could still be my dominant when it comes to anything sexual and/or arousal. We know that this is quite similar to how we were doing it before but now I don't have the strain of pleasing all the time and the guilt I get when I'm not physically able. So physically our relationship has returned to the BDSM way it was, but mentally we are just boyfriend and girlfriend who enjoy kinky time in the bedroom. You can see why I haven't posted - please forgive me.

But I'm not finished. This morning I was looking at female chasity - particularly Agonizing Abstinence. One of my fantasies is that I'm not allowed to cum even when I want to. Settiano came over and saw what I was looking at and became interested. This was unexpected as I've mentioned it many times before but he's never found it something to be a turn on for him - until today. So we've decided that we'd like to experiment. As we're taking it slow, today is the first day of a 5 day abstinence for me. Today I had to edge (reach just before climax) myself once. Tomorrow I have to edge twice. The third day three times. You get the gist. Due to my M.E. if I'm unable to edge for a day due to inability then the task is postponed and I continue with how many edges I was up to the next day. If I don't meet quota then the next day I have to start at one again. I hope I've explained this relatively clearly.

Obviously I was quite horny as we were talking about it so started using my vibe - I just left it on my clit under my clothes while continuing to read about the subject so I was slowly getting closer but not too quickly as I wanted to enjoy the feeling. As I was getting closer, Settiano noticed and became hard. He took out his cock and got me to stroke it. It ended with me giving him a blowjob and him cumming so hard in my mouth that his legs barely held him up afterwards. I had pretty much edged during this as I made sure to rock onto the vibe as I sucked. He had a great orgasm, I had nothing. Am looking forward to tomorrow now and will try and remember to update here.

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  1. I am very interested in trying orgasm control and have been hinting around to my boyfriend that it might be fun, particularly as he has a very "orgasm for orgasm" point of view. LOL That is, if I can orgasm 3 or 4 times during sex, he certainly deserves the same courtesy through additional stroking and blowjobs throughout the day.

    However, I think orgasm denial and edging would be far more interesting! Please keep us posted on how this goes for you.