Saturday, 4 December 2010

An Anecdote

In the past few weeks, Master Settiano has been becoming more forceful in what He wants.  And i am loving it.  i no longer worry that W/we are doing something because i want to do it - i know that if W/we do something it is because He wants it.

A quick example - about a week ago i was feeling particularly slutty wearing a dress and no underwear and i really wanted to get on all fours as He fucked me from behind.  He didn't really feel like doing that.  So instead He brought out my new vibrator (the remote controlled rabbit) and fucked me with it.  It ended with me feeling like the slut i needed to feel like but it was on His terms and therefore fulfilled both of U/us much more than if He'd followed what i wanted.  To be clear, i didn't want Him to use the vibrator and made it quite clear but when He gave me that look (i'm sure you know which one i mean) i opened my legs anyway and just accepted it.  That was the best thing i could possibly have done.  Accepting it took me to a new level of my submission - a level where i know that even if i'm not completely happy doing something, doing it anyway will usually lead to good results.

So basically, it's about trust (as so much of TTWD is) and i feel that i am beginning to learn to trust Settiano's judgement, because He seems to trust Himself.  And by trusting Him, i hope i become a better submissive for Him.