Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Day 2

Last night Settiano decided to drive me absolutely insane with his hands roaming over every part of my body except my pussy and weaving a fantasy - one in which I came many times. To say I was frustrated would be an understatement so I was very surprised that I got a good night's sleep; I think I must have just been that tired.

Today I wasn't really in the mood for anything so it was quite late in the afternoon that I started reading a few things online - mainly centering on denial - to get me in the mood for my first edge. I then needed a rest, during which my bullet (the main vibe I'll be using this week as it's the best one I've got with me and is practically silent) made it onto my clit. However it didn't really get interesting till Settiano started telling me a fantasy. I have to say that this is something he is brilliant with - not only can he turn me on with a look or a kiss, but he has an ability to tell fantasies so I can imagine them very vividly. I'm a writer but this is something I just can't do!

The fantasy centered on me being fucked and licking out another woman - this is one of our favourites and is used a lot. Today we also included a little bit of denial so I only came three times in the fantasy.

My vibe started to die so I decided to switch to fingers and got myself right to the very edge. It was at the point that if I'd kept going for any longer I would probably not have been able to control myself. For quite a while after this my body was still tingling and wracked with frustration as I wanted to cum so badly. Since then I have been quite motivated and I have felt my pussy constantly.

Watching me getting so close and knowing I wasn't getting any relief turned Settiano on a lot so I asked to suck his cock which he was more than happy to agree with. Unfortunately his mum interrupted us but I'm thinking I'll probably suck him off again tonight. Now I'm going to start using my vibe again and find me some porn.

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