Friday, 16 July 2010

Day 3

Wednesday Settiano decided to give me an extra edge. The thing is, I'm only allowed to stimulate myself if I'm giving myself an edge - and I have to do the set number of edges for the day. But other than that, Settiano can tease and stimulate me as much or as little as he wants. So on Wednesday he decided to put his fingers on my clit and rub and rub and rub until I couldn't take anymore.

Thursday (Day 3) I awoke a little horny but I was also half asleep. I figured getting to the edge would either wake me up or send me back to sleep so I reached for my vibe and pressed it against my clit. I got right up to the edge before allowing myself to move the vibe away. And for those of you interested, it woke me up. Settiano and I spent the day out (although quite a few hours of that was spent on a bus which was hell as I felt every little bump, gods, I hope one day to try sitting on a dildo on a bus as that will be hell and heaven in one. I didn't get another chance to edge until we were pretty much getting ready for bed. I imagined having my legs spread, my hands cuffed together using the vibe and being watched, surveyed. To add to it Settiano started looking me over which he knows always sets me going as being viewed as a piece of meat always turns me on. He got out his cock but wouldn't let me suck or even look at it much, though I was allowed to give him a short hand job. I almost came.

It took me a few minutes and random talking about nothing to bring me down again. Then it was straight back to using my vibe while Settiano weaved a fantasy (one that I can't even remember now). I got as close to the edge as I think I've ever been. I honestly believe that if I hadn't taken the vibe off when I did it would have been less than a second before I came. My body stayed at that level for quite a while and every sex thought I had made me want to cum so bad. But of course I didn't. Instead I tried to get to sleep. Being that horny made it almost impossible. OK, I did sleep eventually, and I slept well, but I was horny the whole time, even in my dreams I was so horny.

This morning (Day 4) I started using my fingers. However I just couldn't get the effect I wanted so once again I turned to my vibe. Settiano told me to imagine him using me hard and cumming inside me then forcing another woman's head into my pussy to lap up all his cum. It really didn't take me long to get to the edge. Now I'm looking forward to 3 more edges today

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