Friday, 9 April 2010

Valentine's Day Part 2

W/we snuggled on the bed watching episodes of friends to unwind. i found myself slipping into little girl mode. This is a relatively new area for U/us and isn't usually particularly sexual - this time was different. Sir told me to tell Him what i wanted and even though it was hard for me to admit it, i told Him the truth - that i wanted to feel His hand on my thigh.

i was scared to admit it because i knew that it was 'wrong' (my mindset was that of an innocent and naive girl) but i couldn't resist how good Sir's hand felt between my legs. Sir obliged and slowly moved it up, always asking His naught girl if she wanted it higher (He made it clear beforehand that although He was calling me naught, i hadn't done anything wrong). Suddenly Sir put a finger into my pussy, it felt strange but very nice so when He asked if i wanted it deeper i had to say yes. Eventually the finger would go no deeper so He said He'd have to use His cock.

He made me hold it in my hand first before He moved on top of me and slowly inserted it in. As He did so, Sir talked to me telling me how well i was doing but also explaining to me what was happening. As i felt my orgasm build, Sir talked me through the feelings and then i exploded.

Although in the back of my mind i knew i'd had sex and orgasms many times before, this honestly felt like my first time. Sir kept fucking me and i could feel myself getting close again. When He came, that pushed me over the edge and i came hard once again. After this rather intense mini-roleplay scene, it took me a while to come out of little girl mode.

W/we continued to snuggle with lots of kissing (W/we hadn't kissed at all during the time that i was in little girl mode). W/we were getting close to sleep (it was about 2.30am) but Sir let me finger myself before He turned the light out. He watched as i used my fingers on my clit - sometimes mentioning little fantasies to spur me on. It wasn't too long before i was begging to cum and Master allowed me (which i hadn't been expecting). It is weird for me that He wants me to orgasm for Him just so He can watch but am more than happy when He springs these treats on me. i don't particularly like being watched but once i get started, it is the last thing i worry about as i'm much more into my own pleasure.

Then W/we went to sleep. The next day wasn't particularly eventful as W/we just snuggled and recovered from O/our very late (and very pleasurable) night.

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