Thursday, 15 April 2010

On Serving

my Master asked me to think and write about why i serve Him. The first part is bullet points as ideas came to me, the second is my overall explanation.
  • Because it is a physical and outward way of showing how i feel about Him
  • Because i have a deep need to serve to truly be who i am
  • Because i believe that He has the ability to see my essence (i don't use the word soul) and release it through my submission
  • Because i need the appreciation and validation (of myself and my ability to please) that only a Master or Owner can give me
  • Because i need to please to feel fulfilled
  • Because i need the feeling of happiness i get when He says 'good girl' in that voice
  • Because His dominance lets me know i am loved, wanted and cherished
i serve Him simply because it is my most natural way of being. Serving is not a mask, but what happens when i take the mask off. It is an exposure of what is in my heart and essence. i serve because it is the way of being that i have chosen. It fulfills my need to be wanted, to be happy - all while being myself.

i serve Him because i trust Him. Yes i love Him which helps immensely with the serving, but i can still serve Him without love. i feel that He understands who i am (even if i don't) in the same way i understand Him. The universe has connected U/us and i think this is because W/we make each other strong, happy and fulfilled. W/we are 2 sides of the same coin and need each other to bring U/us out at O/our best. i also believe that D/s doesn't define U/us but gives U/us a firm structure as a base. It may not be necessary but without it W/we wouldn't last long. i see D/s as the foundation of O/our relationship. It may wobble but the foundation will keep it up-right. Without the foundation, the wobbles may make it fall in ruins. So i serve as it is the best way forward (in my mind) for U/us to build a strong and lasting relationship

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