Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Necklace

My necklace (the one you see with my profile) is what some people would call my collar. i wear it all the time to show that i am owned. However i don't feel that it is a full-collar. W/we have not been together long enough to take that step (to me, being collared is akin to being married).

It wasn't until last week when the chain broke that i realised just how important this necklace is. Without it round my neck i felt lost and spent most of the day clutching the pendant while Master rushed off to buy a new chain. The necklace may mean that i am owned but to me it shows that i am loved and wanted and safe.

A few days later the new chain came undone and the pendant couldn't be found anywhere. Understandably i was very upset. However, later when Master was inside me, i could feel it around my neck - by it i mean His ownership.

W/we have found the pendant and it is around my neck once again. But i now know that although the necklace is a physical symbol of His ownership and love for me, it is He that is important, He that owns me and loves me and He who i think about when i feel the necklace around my neck.

i guess the point i'm trying to make is that while physical items can be important, they are not as important as what you feel and believe. If i had concentrated on the fact that my Master loved and owned me rather than focusing on the lost necklace i could have prevented a lot of bad feelings. In fact, it wasn't until i had accepted that the necklace wasn't His ownership but a symbol of it that i found the pendant when i wasn't even looking for it.

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