Thursday, 8 April 2010


i know i promised you the rest of the Valentine's Day story and i will post it tomorrow, but my Master has asked me to post about something that happened today so that's what i'm going to do.

Today Master owned me. He watched me, He felt my skin, but most of all He fucked me. i was His and my job was to give His cock pleasure with my pussy. He didn't ask for it because it is already His. His to use, His to play with, His to show off to others.

He told me what He could do. That He could invite anyone into the room and order me to strip. Or i could be tied to the bed, already naked. He let me imagine. Being naked in a room full of people. Their hands on my breasts, on my arse and in my pussy. They would be allowed to play with me but never fuck me. Only He can fuck me for i am His.

This was the fantasy He weaved as He used my body. And i wanted it, i craved it. Because it bore the truth - i am His to use however and be used by whoever He chooses. It is still only a fantasy to have Him watch me being used by others, but one day i will be ready for it. But the being owned - that is the reality and fills my heart with happiness every time i feel it.

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