Monday, 22 February 2010

Valentine's Day Part 1

W/we welcomed Valentine's day with Master's cock in my mouth. Sucking His cock is one of my all time favourite activities and this time was the top end of experiences. He gave me only one command and that was to please Him, which had been my intent anyway. It started with Him lying on His side then on His back with me licking His shaft, sucking on His balls and then seeing how much of Him i could get into my mouth and throat. After a while, He stood up and i continued bobbing my head up and down - i was in heaven. At about quarter past midnight, Sir came in my mouth and i swallowed it all down.

W/we rested a while, on the bed, me completely naked and Master wearing His boxers, just snuggling together. It wasn't long however, before i started grinding my pussy against His leg. When He realised what i was doing, He tensed His leg and moved so i couldn't get the pleasure i wanted, so my movements became much more with the thrusting. Master told me to imagine i was fucking a large dildo that was being held in place. This was when Master moved His leg away so i was fucking the air.

"you're such a slut."

"i know Sir."

"you know what?"

"That i'm a slut Sir"

"Who's slut?"

"i'm Your slut Sir."

He let me continue fucking the air for a while, constantly reminding me of what a slut i was. Eventually i started begging for Him to fuck me. i was soaking and just wanted/needed Him inside me. He said He was waiting for me to look completely desperate. Finally, after what seemed like forever to me, He pulled me onto my back, opened my legs and ... didn't enter me. No, He tortured me some more, making sure i could feel His cock so close to my pussy. And then He slammed it in. And He pounded and pounded me, grabbing my wrists and hair in the process - telling me what a slut i was and that i was His slut. i absolutely loved it and found myself begging for more and more and had to use a lot of effort not to make too much noise as my housemates were home. Just as Master was about to cum, He looked me in the eye and said "cum". i exploded on that word as i had been holding back until i had permission. It was fantastic and afterwards He held me and told me how well i'd done. i felt so proud of myself and happy that i'd pleased my Master. But that was just the first of many orgasms that day.

To be continued ...

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