Sunday, 14 November 2010

my Return

So it seems that the posting sporadically turned into not posting at all and for that, my dear readers, i am truly sorry.  It would be futile for me to explain the past however many months, as i can barely remember them.  There was a period where O/our sexual life pretty much ceased.  And then W/we seemed to find O/our mojo again but only as boyfriend and girlfriend.  And now it seems W/we are back to D/s. 

i always knew W/we would return, it was just a question of when and how.  W/we are still working out the how.  W/we know that i need rules (W/we've scrapped everything from before and starting again) but Settiano wants rules that mean something.  So far the only rule is that i am not to touch my pussy or my breasts without His permission (except when washing and wiping).  This is to bring home that i am His, that i have lost my right to play with my body because it isn't mine - it's His.

W/we are also moving into a place of pain.  Not a lot of pain but He has started enjoying inflicting and i enjoy knowing that i am His to do with what He wants.

So i hope that this time around i'll be a better submissive and a better blogger.  i have missed you all so much and am trying to catch up on blog posts but only from the previous two weeks onwards - if you feel that there is something i probably missed that i should read i would really appreciate you leaving a link.  And i hope that this time around everything will work out better (in both O/our relationship and the relationship i have with all you blogging peeps).

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