Thursday, 3 June 2010

His Cum

For two nights i slept with His cum inside me. i have never felt so owned, nor so content. Every time i moved i was reminded that i am His by His cum leaking down my leg. i let it drip, knowing that that's where it belongs. i didn't want to wipe it away so for two nights i let it dry on me.

Those two nights were a big step for me as i didn't freak out once about what i am giving Him. Because, even though i knew it before, i am now completely certain that this is where i belong. With Him. His. Owned by Him. And it is the best way to lead to happiness.

i'm not saying i won't freak out again. i know me and i know i will. But i also know that now i can cope with the aftermath. i can cope because of Him, not in spite of Him. i am His and he is my Master. W/we belong together, with each other, with His cum in me, on me and wherever else He chooses.


  1. The thought of enjoying his cum dripping out of you for two nights shows your devotion to him. I hope he continues to put his cum in you and on you and wherever else he wants it. May your relationship continue to thrive.


  2. This is a beautiful post! It's the small steps that count. A good Master will know exactly how much to ask of you and won't push too hard or too fast, but just remember to communicate. I bet you are going to do just wonderfully. <3

  3. what a lovely post. i can relate to that feeling of being completely owned and contented when filled with cum, but i'm not sure i could have expressed it as well as you did here. wonderful.


  4. Thank you for all of your replies - even now when i remember it i am reminded of how happy and content i am now that i am owned. i wasn't expecting it but it is a very welcome feeling and something i now strive for with whatever He asks of me.