Wednesday, 27 January 2010


i hate first posts - i always feel that i have so much to explain and tell any readers who may stumble here that i don't know where to start.

So i'll start with blogging. i am blogging for myself. It is a chance to show myself for who i am, and in the process learn something about myself. It is a place to document my journey so i can look back and see the changes.

And it is for the reader. Over the past seven months (since i have been with Master Settiano) i have become a reader of blogs (which you can find on my profile) bye submissives' and dominants' and they have helped me in more ways than i can explain. They have made me see that i am not alone, yet everyone has their own approach to D/s; they have also helped to mould me into the submissive i am/am becoming.

i have decided it is time to document my own submissiveness so that others may gain an understanding. i am who and what i am and i need to share that with the world - so i have created this blog.

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